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Laurie Anderson – Optigan / Panoptigon 2010 One-Off Disc Demo

Posted by peahix on February 11th, 2019

This is a historical oddity that was never intended for public consumption, but in honor of Laurie Anderson’s Grammy Award for LANDFALL (which prominently features Robert Becker’s heavily modified “Optigan Pro”), we thought it’d be fun to share this and get in a quick Panoptigon demo at the same time. When we lent Laurie the Optigan, we thought it’d be fun to put some of her own sounds on a one-off disc for her to mess around with. We pulled drums & musical loops for the chord buttons, and short spoken phrases for the keyboard. This demo is just some spontaneous noodling, which was recorded in multiple MIDI passes and then dumped live to audio. The video was shot during the actual audio recording, so you can see the disc speed up, slow down, and go into reverse in time with the audio. Maybe not Grammy material (OK, decidedly not!), but a geeky curiosity nonetheless! Congrats, Laurie & Kronos!

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