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Panoptigon OSCILLATIONS Disc Demo

Posted by peahix on March 12th, 2019

Here’s a demo of the very first disc in the new PANOPTIGON disc format! Oscillations will be included in the basic “starter set” of discs that comes with each Panoptigon. Panoptigon format discs will only be playable on Panoptigon- not on vintage Optigans or Orchestrons! We wanted to make a very basic, broadly-applicable sound akin to the Optigan “Big Organ & Drums” disc. This seemed a good opportunity to present a simple analog synthesizer type sound, since the Panoptigon disc format features 60 tracks, and is mapped to allow for a full 60 keys of chromatic tones. Think of it as a “Super Orchestron” disc with essentially 5 octaves instead of 3. Various typical raw analog waveforms are mapped across the keys, with the notes slowly pulsing in and out in different phases, producing a breathing, organic effect that’s particularly well-suited to all of the Panoptigon’s onboard effects. Apart from the Panoptigon’s hall reverb, no other effects or EQ were applied in this demo.

One Response to “Panoptigon OSCILLATIONS Disc Demo”

  1. Tony Says:

    so you can play vintage optigan discs on this machine? wheres’ the keyboard with program and drum machine buttons? what does that look like?

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