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Archive for May, 2019

Optigan / Orchestron Disc Back-Catalog Now Available!

Posted by peahix on 28th May 2019

In advance of the official launch of the Panoptigon hardware, Quilter Labs has opened their new disc webstore. will also be offering the same titles soon at our newly revamped website, but for now this is the only place you can get them. Please note these changes: 1. At the moment, discs are only [...]

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Case Study: Optigan’s BOSSA NOVA STYLE Disc

Posted by peahix on 21st May 2019

I was recently made aware via some comments that the Optigan BOSSA NOVA STYLE disc was used years ago as the basis for two different pieces of music from video game soundtracks: What made me smile especially was that this last one was covered by the London Philharmonic Orchestra: Funny to think that a bossa [...]

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