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Case Study: Optigan’s BOSSA NOVA STYLE Disc

Posted by peahix on 21st May 2019

I was recently made aware via some comments that the Optigan BOSSA NOVA STYLE disc was used years ago as the basis for two different pieces of music from video game soundtracks: What made me smile especially was that this last one was covered by the London Philharmonic Orchestra: Funny to think that a bossa [...]

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Optigan Article in Electronic Sound Magazine

Posted by peahix on 19th February 2019

Happy to have lent a hand with this article about the Optigan by Mat Smith in the latest issue of Electronic Sound Magazine!

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Get iOptigan for FREE this weekend!

Posted by peahix on 18th August 2018

Starting tomorrow, iOptigan can be downloaded for free for a limited time, including 25 of the original 40 discs!

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Nice In-Depth Review of iOptigan

Posted by peahix on 18th January 2018

Warren Burt has written a great review of our iOptigan app at Sound Bytes!

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iOptigan – MIDI Chord Detection Modes Tutorial

Posted by peahix on 8th November 2017

Another iOptigan tip, until we finish the user manual: there are three triggering modes for the chord buttons, selectable in the settings. “MIDI G#0-E2 for Chords” lays out all the chord buttons in a chromatic mapping. Priority was placed on fitting everything with the keyboard scale on a standard 61-note keyboard, so the layout isn’t [...]

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iOptigan – The BIG Soundtest and Tutorial for the iPad

Posted by peahix on 1st November 2017

Thanks to The Sound Test Room for this nice little overview video!

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Introducing iOptigan! An Optigan for your iPad / iPhone

Posted by peahix on 31st October 2017

Now available in the iOS app store! More info at! In collaboration with Stefan Stenzel of Waldorf, we’re proud to announce iOptigan! It’s an Optigan on your iPad or iPhone, complete with all 40 original discs (25 included with app purchase, an additional 15 via in-app purchase) and all the scratchy lo-fi character and [...]

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