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New 2015 Orchestron Disc – HARMONIUM – Now Available

Posted by peahix on 13th July 2015

New 2015 Orchestron Disc – HARMONIUM – Now Available  

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Orchestron Vibraphone Disc Inspires New Song by Belgian Band OSTYN

Posted by peahix on 10th June 2015

Our good friend Dieter Vanmarcke alerted us to this track by the band Ostyn, which was built around an improvisation on our Vibraphone disc for the Orchestron!

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New Orchestron Disc – BASS CLARINET – Feat. Ralph Carney

Posted by peahix on 18th June 2014

We’re happy to announce the latest in our line of all-new discs for the Orchestron! This time it’s BASS CLARINET, featuring the sounds of an acoustic bass clarinet played by none other than Ralph Carney! (Note that the noodling in the demo is not Ralph- he just supplied the basic sound. All blame for noodling [...]

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Hollow Sun Releases OPTOMOTRON – Kontakt Instrument with Orchestron Samples

Posted by peahix on 22nd April 2013

Hollow Sun has licensed our Orchestron samples to  for use in their new Kontakt instrument OPTOMOTRON. Samples from both the discs and the master tapes can be blended with various effects for an expansion of the Orchestron’s tonal possibilities. Good stuff!!

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Two New Orchestron Discs – Solo Trumpet & Solo Trombone

Posted by peahix on 22nd November 2012

Now taking pre-orders for two new Orchestron Discs- Solo Trumpet and Solo Trombone! Both of these sounds are acoustic instrument recordings that come from the original Optigan/Orchestron master tapes, but were never actually used on any discs until now! The discs will ship just as soon as we can get them fabricated!

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GForce Software Releases OrchesTron Expansion for M-Tron Pro

Posted by peahix on 30th October 2012 has licensed our Orchestron sounds (both old and new) to GForce Software for the new OrchesTron expansion pack for their M-Tron Pro software. Dave Spiers has produced his usual snazzy promo video for the release, which gives a great overview of the Orchestron along with some quick demos of the software: This is a [...]

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Interview with Mark Warchol, Opsonar/Orchestron R&D Engineer

Posted by peahix on 21st March 2012

Recently we were contacted by Mark Warchol, an engineer who worked for Opsonar. He was involved in the early development of the Orchestron Model A. I conducted a brief email interview with Mark, and Robert got a chance to meet him in person. Here he is posing with Robert’s Orchestrons. Q: Can you give us [...]

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Optigan Family Portrait

Posted by peahix on 7th March 2012

Robert sent me this nice shot he took of my Talentmaker posing with his two Orchestron Model A’s and his Optigan 35012!

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Three New Vako Orchestron Discs: VIBRAPHONE, FLUTE & CELLO

Posted by peahix on 26th September 2011

We’re happy to announce today that we have three new Orchestron discs available: the all-new VIBRAPHONE, and the remastered FLUTE & CELLO. Click the links to place your orders. Each disc will get limited 25 piece run, so don’t miss out! The FLUTE and CELLO disc complete our run of original Orchestron disc remasters. From [...]

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Orchestron Demos by Dieter VanMarcke

Posted by peahix on 13th June 2011

Our good friend Dieter VanMarcke made a nice series of Orchestron demo videos, many of which feature our new and remastered discs. You can view the whole playlist here:

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