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Case Study: Optigan’s BOSSA NOVA STYLE Disc

Posted by peahix on 21st May 2019

I was recently made aware via some comments that the Optigan BOSSA NOVA STYLE disc was used years ago as the basis for two different pieces of music from video game soundtracks: What made me smile especially was that this last one was covered by the London Philharmonic Orchestra: Funny to think that a bossa [...]

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Optigan Article in Norwegian Musikkpraksis Magazine

Posted by peahix on 19th August 2018

A recent issue of the Norwegian magazine Musikkpraksis features an article about the Optigan for which Pea was interviewed. Thanks to Geir Sundstøl for the article, and for sending us a copy! If you read Norwegian, please let us know if Pea said anything embarassing.

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Optiganally Yours – O.Y. IN HI-FI – Out Today!

Posted by peahix on 20th July 2018

The new Optiganally Yours album “O.Y. In Hi-Fi” is finally out to wide release today! You can buy it on vinyl here. You can also get it on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, and YouTube:

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Optiganally Yours – Official Lyric Videos & O.Y. IN HI-FI Wide Release

Posted by peahix on 17th July 2018

The new Optiganally Yours album “O.Y. In Hi-Fi” is out as a stand-alone release this Friday, July 20th! Also, in case you missed them, we have lyric videos for the three “singles” from the album:

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Announcing: Optiganally Yours – ‘O.Y. In Hi-Fi’, for the masses!

Posted by peahix on 2nd May 2018

O.Y. In Hi-Fi will be released July 20 on split-color “ketchup & mustard” vinyl, yellow vinyl, and digital. Snag the pre-order now! Also, here’s the new single from the album!

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Posted by peahix on 15th March 2018

O.Y. IN HI-FI IS HERE! Well, the digital edition is, for folks who’ve subscribed to the Rob Crow Joyful Noise Artist In Residence series, anyway! Standalone digital and vinyl will be available for the masses in the coming months! But if you can’t wait, click on the album cover image to subscribe now!

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Posted by peahix on 1st March 2018

The first track from the new Optiganally Yours album “O.Y. in Hi-Fi” has been released! The album itself will be released this year on Joyful Noise Recordings. Here’s the official blurb: Optiganally Yours started in the mid 90s when one of Rob’s housemates, Pea Hix, got obsessed with the Optigan. This was a chord organ [...]

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Optigan / OY Feature Story in Japanese Music Magazine “Map”, Summer 2000

Posted by peahix on 12th May 2017

Going through some old things, I came across this Japanese music magazine called “Map” that ran a feature story on the Optigan and Optiganally Yours. I had completely forgotten it existed! I can’t read Japanese, so I don’t exactly know what it says, but it appears to be pretty enthusiastic.

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Optiganally Yours Contributes Kate Bush Cover to Benefit Comp

Posted by peahix on 2nd February 2014

Optiganally Yours has recorded a cover of Kate Bush’s “There Goes A Tenner” to “Running Up That Hill – A Compilation of Kate Bush Covers for Reproductive Rights.” This compilation of Kate Bush covers is a fundraising tool for reproductive rights organizations, low cost abortion clinics, and other pro-choice advocates. Stylistically, this is a bit [...]

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Optiganally Yours covers Raymond Scott

Posted by peahix on 19th February 2013

Our good friend Takashi Okada from Tokyo has released the Raymond Scott Songbook, a tribute compilation to the great Raymond Scott. Optiganally Yours contributed a rendition of Scott’s relatively obscure song “And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon.” This track is the first official recording we’ve released which uses material from the Optigan master [...]

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