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We see Optigans, you see Optigans…

Vintage 1970s T-124 & T-125 Diagnostic Discs on eBay

Posted by peahix on 1st July 2019

I almost never sell Optigan stuff on eBay, but thought I’d give a couple of vintage/original diagnostic discs a shot, since I don’t recall having seen any listed there before. Click on the images for the auction links.

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Case Study: Optigan’s BOSSA NOVA STYLE Disc

Posted by peahix on 21st May 2019

I was recently made aware via some comments that the Optigan BOSSA NOVA STYLE disc was used years ago as the basis for two different pieces of music from video game soundtracks: What made me smile especially was that this last one was covered by the London Philharmonic Orchestra: Funny to think that a bossa [...]

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Optigan Article in Electronic Sound Magazine

Posted by peahix on 19th February 2019

Happy to have lent a hand with this article about the Optigan by Mat Smith in the latest issue of Electronic Sound Magazine!

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Laurie Anderson’s LANDFALL, feat. Optigan, Wins Grammy Award

Posted by peahix on 11th February 2019

Big congrats to Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet on their Grammy Award! We had a tiny hand in the creation of Landfall, having lent Laurie one of Robert Becker’s heavily customized Optigans which she used prominently in the piece, including our own original Sitar disc! The Optigan was in Laurie’s studio at the time of [...]

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Orchestron Prototype #1 For Sale

Posted by peahix on 14th December 2018

We have no connection to this sale, but it’s a unique item so it’s worthy of a mention here. Apparently this is David VanKoevering’s first prototype Orchestron. The earliest Orchestrons were basically just converted Optigans, so that’s what this is.  

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Optigan Article in Norwegian Musikkpraksis Magazine

Posted by peahix on 19th August 2018

A recent issue of the Norwegian magazine Musikkpraksis features an article about the Optigan for which Pea was interviewed. Thanks to Geir Sundstøl for the article, and for sending us a copy! If you read Norwegian, please let us know if Pea said anything embarassing.

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Ross Garren & Andre LaFosse – CRANKY MACHINES

Posted by peahix on 14th February 2018

Mellotrons and Optigans and Space Echoes, oh my! A collision of nostalgic tones and deconstructionist sensibilities, Cranky Machines is a wobbly, glitchy, stuttering set of 13 originals inspired by funky throwback styles and charismatic antiquated musical technologies. Meticulous yet lighthearted, decadent yet minimalist, analog yet digital but also a bit optical—this sophomore album by pianist/harmonicist/producer [...]

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Five Optigans For Sale in Tennessee

Posted by peahix on 10th February 2018

Our good friend and resident Optigrinch Brian Kehew writes: If anyone is interested in becoming the queen or king of Optigans in Tennessee, I know where FIVE machines are sitting. Don’t come back to me when they ruin your life forever – it’s your choice to deal with the devil! Just click on Brian’s name [...]

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Laurie Anderson’s LANDFALL – Featuring Optigan!

Posted by peahix on 8th February 2018

Several years back, we lent Robert’s Optigan Pro to Laurie Anderson, which she used in her piece with the Kronos Quartet called LANDFALL. The Optigan was in Laurie’s studio at the time of Hurricane Sandy. It managed to survive, because it was upstairs. Many of her other keyboards and archives were down in the basement, [...]

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Nice Series of Optigan Repair Videos

Posted by peahix on 30th December 2017

We didn’t have anything to do with this series by James Bennett, but it looks to be a nice intro to Optigan repair!

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