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We see Optigans, you see Optigans…

Orchestron Vibraphone Disc Inspires New Song by Belgian Band OSTYN

Posted by peahix on 10th June 2015

Our good friend Dieter Vanmarcke alerted us to this track by the band Ostyn, which was built around an improvisation on our Vibraphone disc for the Orchestron!

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New Optigan-laden Album by Matthew Leonard

Posted by peahix on 11th February 2015

Matthew Leonard sends this info about his new album Sunnyside, Ohio! NYC rocker Matthew Leonard joins Columbus rock and jazz veterans on Sunnyside, Ohio.   Recorded with vintage instruments on an Ampex 440 reel-to-reel tape machine, this epic album features Columbus rock royalty (David Holm, Bret Burleson, Bill Heingartner) and Brooklyn indie alumni: JC and [...]

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Rami Jaffee Tests Drives His Newly Restored Optigan

Posted by peahix on 10th February 2015

Recently our good friend and associate Robert Becker restored and customized an Optigan 35012 for Rami Jaffee of Foo Fighters and Wallflowers fame. Robert works at Quilter Labs, and he arranged an unveiling and test drive for Rami at their office. Thanks to Rami for letting us film the occasion and post it here for [...]

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Optigan Featured in Aug 2014 Issue of TREASURES Magazine

Posted by peahix on 23rd July 2014

Pea was recently interviewed for a short featured on the Optigan in the latest issues of TREASURES Magazine (Aug 2014). Be sure to pick up a copy!

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The Organist Episode 20: Enter the Optigan

Posted by peahix on 10th June 2014

Way back in the 90s, Pea was filmed for inclusion in a documentary about collectors by filmmaker Rodney Ascher. The film never got finished, but the footage has now resurfaced as a stand-alone episode of this podcast.

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One of the Long-Lost Optigan TV Commercials Finally Found!

Posted by peahix on 14th May 2013

Very cool news! I knew that eventually an Optigan TV commercial would turn up! Youtube user chumrain writes this: Finally…one has been found (I know that several people have been searching high and low and haven’t come up with anything). Here is a long-lost television commercial for the Optigan, starring actor Carl Betz. This is [...]

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Optigan Heavily Featured on new Matthew Leonard Album

Posted by peahix on 25th September 2012

Matthew Leonard has released “I Will Be A Good Boy And Promise To No Longer Hurt Myself,” and album of lo-fi pop/rock weirdness that features lots of’s favorite instrument! Matthew sent me a copy and it’s really fantastic- strikes just the right balance between catchy and weird, lo-fi yet coherent production. Head on over [...]

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The Price is Right: April Fools 1975

Posted by peahix on 6th April 2012

Our April Fool’s post can’t hold a candle to this Price Is Right clip from 1975! Thanks to Jared Rainer for spotting this one- priceless!!

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Optigan Pro: A Long-Lost Optigan Prototype?

Posted by peahix on 1st April 2012

Elsewhere on the Optigan site, you may have read about the prototype Optigans produced by Miner Industries after they took over production from Mattel. Pea has asked former Opsonar employees if they know what happened to the prototype stock, but all anyone can tell is that they were lost or destroyed in the 70s. However, [...]

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Optigan Family Portrait

Posted by peahix on 7th March 2012

Robert sent me this nice shot he took of my Talentmaker posing with his two Orchestron Model A’s and his Optigan 35012!

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