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News about the site itself. Forums Closing!

Posted by peahix on 10th February 2015

As many of you know, the user forums have been extremely flaky in recent years. I had to severely restrict registration because of constant bombardment by spambots, despite having all sorts of verification measures in place. My admin struggled mightily trying to resolve this problem or replace the forum with a better one, but [...]

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Posted by peahix on 13th December 2012

Hi all, I’m finally getting around to sifting through the site with a fine-toothed comb, updating/adding information and squashing bugs and/or dead links. This site was originally put together in the mid 1990s, and there are several aspects from those days that have stubbornly remained. If you notice anything that needs attention, feel free to [...]

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Optigan on Facebook

Posted by peahix on 2nd April 2011

Hi all, this is just a quick announcement that we’ve started an official Facebook page for new Optigan product announcements. We’ll have a little Facebook button here soon, but until then, you can join the page here.

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Quick Update

Posted by peahix on 8th April 2009

Hi all- First off, I still have 3 copies of the Orchestron Sax disc left, and 8 copies of Mod Rock. So if you haven’t bought a copy yet, or would like an extra copy, please place your order soon!! We’re taking a bit of a break at the moment, but hope to be back [...]

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New forum

Posted by peahix on 5th March 2009

hi all- we’re in the process of overhauling, and the first thing we’ve launched is a re-vamped message board, to replace the antiquated and spam-ridden one. so feel free to register and start posting! pea

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Posted by peahix on 8th October 2008

Hello Optigoners! I decided to start an optigan blog so that i can easily and quickly get new and exciting optigan info out there. Unfortunately, somebody already took the “optigan” domain on wordpress, so… blogtigan it is! Probably what I’ll do first is add all the items from the “tidbits” page here. These are [...]

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Posted by peahix on 1st January 2001 is selected by Yahoo as one of its Picks of the Year for 2000. was also featured by Yahoo on June 26, 2000.

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Wired Magazine article

Posted by peahix on 10th October 1997

Wired Magazine featured the original version of the Optigan website in their October 1997 issue. They got some of the details wrong, but we got a lot of hits from it anyway! Click here to view the article.

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