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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Behind ‘Phone Call’

Posted by peahix on 12th September 2017

Nice analysis of our friend Jon Brion‘s Talentmaker work on this soundtrack.

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Now Taking Pre-Orders – Optigan Discs – Talentmaker Four-Pak #2

Posted by peahix on 4th June 2014

At long last, we’re proud to announce our second set of Talentmaker-to-Optigan conversion discs! Please click here to place your pre-order!

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New 2012 Optigan Disc Set – CHILTON TALENTMAKER FOUR-PAK #1

Posted by peahix on 28th August 2012

NOW SHIPPING! This set will be available in a limited edition of 25 copies. We will go to press with it as soon as we have 15 pre-orders. Thanks for your patience! In response to requests for the sounds of the Chilton Talentmaker ported to Optigan discs, we’re proud to announce our first CHILTON TALENTMAKER [...]

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Optigan Family Portrait

Posted by peahix on 7th March 2012

Robert sent me this nice shot he took of my Talentmaker posing with his two Orchestron Model A’s and his Optigan 35012!

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Last Call for Talentmaker Disc Copies!

Posted by peahix on 20th February 2012

If there are any Talentmaker owners out there who are looking to get high-quality dupes of the entire 20-disc set, email me directly for details ASAP!

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Talentmaker Disc Copies?

Posted by peahix on 13th December 2011

OK, so from the positive response we got on a previous thread, we’ll be going ahead with plans to make Optigan versions of Talentmaker discs. Now, there’s a related project that we’re also contemplating- making direct copies of actual Talentmaker discs, for use in Talentmakers. Given the scarcity of the instrument, and the costs associated [...]

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Your Input Needed! Talentmaker->Optigan conversion discs?

Posted by peahix on 1st November 2011

Hi all, we’ve been experimenting with converting Talentmaker discs into Optigan discs, and have had promising initial results. Since the whereabouts or existence of the original Talentmaker master tapes is unknown, we’re working from recordings taken directly from the original TM discs themselves, which inevitably results in some generational loss in sound quality, but our [...]

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Lot of 18 Talentmaker Discs on eBay

Posted by peahix on 5th September 2011

Click here to see a nearly complete set of Talentmaker discs on eBay, complete with the official disc file. These are not my discs, and I do not know the person selling them. The buy-it-now price is fair for these, considering that individual TM titles have sold in the $300-$400 range in the recent past.

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Pair of pricey Talentmaker discs on eBay

Posted by peahix on 20th June 2010

There’s currently a pair of very pricey Talentmaker discs on eBay. Please note that the seller claims these discs to be playable in an Optigan, but this is only partly true. Yes, TM discs will work in an Optigan, but the center hole size is slightly different, and the TM’s extra chords means that none [...]

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Four Chilton Talentmaker Discs on eBay

Posted by peahix on 10th February 2010

For the handful of Talentmaker owners out there, here’s a rare chance to add a few discs to your collection: Beguine (sold for $159.50, 5 unique bidders) Bossa Nova (sold for $203.50, 4 unique bidders) Organ (sold for $177.50, 3 unique bidders) Waltz Guitar (sold for $405.00, 4 unique bidders) For the record, I didn’t [...]

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