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P – T

Michael Penn

  • Album: Free for All
  • Songs: ?
  • Label/Cat#:
  • Optigan discs used: ?

  • Album: Resigned
  • Songs: Like Egypt Was, All That That Implies
  • Label/Cat#: Epic/67710
  • Optigan discs used: ?

The Pendulum Floors

  • Album: A KICKING GOOD TIME WITH the Pendulum Floors
  • Songs: ?
  • Label/Cat#: ?
  • Optigan discs used: ?


  • Album: Frequencies Of The Beast
  • Songs: Clothespin Cha Cha, Creature Double Feature, Martian Girlfriend, Greetings Earth, The Ticking, Beyond The Moon
  • Label/Cat#: Tray Full Of Lab Mice / ???
  • Optigan discs used: Cha Cha Cha, Pop Piano Plus Guitar, Country Waltz, Gospel Rock, Waltz Time, Romantic Strings in 3/4 Time

Rocket Park

  • Album: Teenage Folklore
  • Songs: A Celebrated Villain In Heaven, You Leave Everything Behind
  • Label/Cat#: Rooster Lollipop (subliminal banana) / ROLO-106
  • Optigan discs used: Bossa Nova Style, Polynesian Village

  • Album: Ghosts, Villains, Sirens and Superstars: The Alternate Teenage Folklore (1995-2003)
  • Songs: Letter From A Ghost, Running Through The Night
  • Optigan discs used: Rollin’ Easy

Joey Sehee

  • Album: The Wonderful World Of Joey 7″
  • Songs: Blastoff!
  • Label/Cat#: Sympathy For The Record Industry / SFTRI 386
  • Optigan discs used: Movin’

Jill Sobule

  • Album: Happy Town
  • Songs: Happy Town, When My Ship Comes In
  • Label/Cat#: Lava Records / 82991
  • Optigan discs used: ?


  • Album: Contacto Espacial Con El Tercer Sexo
  • Songs: The Dream Machines
  • Label/Cat#: Nickelbag Records / Nb 0001
  • Optigan discs used: Latin Fever

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282

  • Album: Strangers From the Universe
  • Songs: ?
  • Label/Cat#: Matador / 109
  • Optigan discs used: ?


  • Album: Gentle Creatures
  • Songs: ?
  • Label/Cat#: 4AD
  • Optigan discs used: ?


  • Album: Just Kidding
  • Songs: ?
  • Label/Cat#: C/Z Records / 054
  • Optigan discs used: ?

Twang Bang

  • Album: I’m Not Your Chimp
  • Songs: Nothing Quite As Wholesome As A Fish
  • Label/Cat#: Mom’s House Records
  • Optigan discs used: Polynesian Village

9 Responses to “P – T”

  1. Brian Andrew Marek Says:

    Hi, this is Brian Andrew Marek, formerly of Rocket Park (and a proud Optigan owner). Just wanted to let you know I’ve put out some other albums since those days that feature some Optigan, and they’re all available for free download at (you’ll find the cover art there too, natch). Here’s the songs I recall using Optigan, though there may be others that have slipped my mind:

    Rocket Park – Ghosts, Villains, Sirens and Superstars: The Alternate Teenage Folklore (1995-2003)
    track 7, “Letter from a Ghost”, Rollin’ Easy (keyboard only)
    track 13, “Running through the Night” (same version you listed above), Rollin’ Easy

    Brian Andrew Marek – THEN! A Collection of Low Fidelity Recordings (1988-2005)
    track 16, “Withered and Grey”, Bluegrass Banjo
    track 21, “Next Big Thing”, Rollin’ Easy

    Brian Andrew Marek – A Lion in the Sun (2005)
    track 10, “Sleeping in the Sunshine”, Bluegrass Banjo

  2. admin Says:

    Hey Brian-

    Thanks for the info!

    I updated both the Rocket Park entry and added Brian Andrew Marek to the k-o page. I have an update in the works to make this section a wiki so folks can update it themselves. Pea or I will post when that functionality is ready.

  3. Brian Andrew Marek Says:

    Thanks! As it happens, I have yet another update, now that we’ve finally released our “great lost album” (you can find the album art and other info in the same place)…

    Rocket Park – Up Against Goodbye (2002-2003)
    track 2, “Spinning Around”, Blues Sweet & Low

  4. Jonathan Says:

    You should add Sparklehorse. Mark Linkous uses Optigan frequently. I’m positive he uses it on his album “It’s a Wonderful Life”, on the song “Babies on the Sun” uses the Romantic Strings disk.

  5. jaguarsg Says:

    Linkous also uses Guitar in 3/4 Time on the title track “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

  6. Zac Says:

    I’m just about to perform at a Sparklehorse tribute night and I concur with the above Optigan discs, he also uses The Blues Sweet and Low on the title track to the amazing “Dark Night Of The Soul” (with David Lynch singing!) and other discs I have yet to own on “Everytime I’m with you” and “Grim Augury”.

  7. peahix Says:

    hey zac, lemmeno if there’s any discs you need for this- i hadn’t heard about the concert, but would love to help out if i can.

  8. bugaloo Says:

    Sparklehorse used Optigan all over his album It’s A Wonderful Life (2001)

  9. bugaloo Says:

    Them Crooked Vultures song “Interlude With Ludes” (2009) uses Bossa Nova Style (Cm).

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