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Optigan Disc – VIBRASCAPE


Please note: If there is no “Add to Cart” button visible below, then this title is currently OUT OF STOCK. If you’re serious about buying a copy should we do another print run in the future, please send me email and indicate which disc(s) you’re interested in.

Like our popular PIANOSCAPE disc, VIBRASCAPE presents the sound of the vibraphone in a uniquely Optigan fashion. The keyboard tones are arranged as a series of rhythmic patterns that create hypnotic, pulsating soundscapes when chords are played. (This disc is not particularly suited to melodic playing). The chord buttons feature sustained bowed vibraphone chords. The special effects switches help keep the groove going with a selection of rhythms from the Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2, an old-school beatbox and technological contemporary of the Optigan. Optigans equipped with a spring reverb will provide the most haunting sound, which is further enhanced by inserting the disc upside-down for backwards play.

LEFT HAND: Bowed Vibraphone.
RIGHT HAND: Vibraphone Rhythms.
SPECIAL EFFECTS SWITCHES: 1. Samba, 2. Rhumba, 3. Bossa Nova, 4. Bolero, 5. Go-Go.

Vibraphone played and recorded by Mark Greenberg
Music produced, edited, and mastered by Pea Hicks.
Disc creation software, disc production cover artwork and jacket layout by Robert Becker.
Photography by Pea Hicks.

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for this disc.

5 Responses to “Optigan Disc – VIBRASCAPE”

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  2. Brian Woodard Says:

    Another great addition to the collection! Surprisingly more melodic-sounding than Pianoscape. Curious where you shot the photos…

  3. peahix Says:

    Photos were shot at two Salton Sea Locations – at the mud volcanoes (corner Davis/Schrimpf) and at Red Hill Marina.

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