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Optigan Discs – TRIPLE HEADER – Radioaktivox / Mod Rock / Minimalism


Please note: If there is no “Add to Cart” button visible below, then this title is currently OUT OF STOCK. If you’re serious about buying a copy should we do another print run in the future, please send me email and indicate which disc(s) you’re interested in.

In response to requests for copies of our earlier Optigan discs, we’re proud to offer our first TRIPLE HEADER disc pak! Three discs, sans their original printed jackets, bundled together in a single printed jacket (echoing the generic design of the original Optigan Triple Header pak), and offered at a discounted bundle price. Please note: unfortunately we will not be able to offer any of these titles seperately from this bundle.

In this pak, you get our first three disc releases: RADIOAKTIVOX, MOD ROCK, and MINIMALISM. Please click on those titles to view additional information about each disc.

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for these discs.

6 Responses to “Optigan Discs – TRIPLE HEADER – Radioaktivox / Mod Rock / Minimalism”

  1. joe myers Says:


    Just finished refurbing my thrift store black Medederannian Optigan with excellent results. It came with 16 discs.
    And yes…I am interested in some of these new discs. Radioactvox , strings, and pianoscape foremost. I doubt I’ll find the Vox humana disc anytime soon.
    Please make more of these.

    Also I have a very curious temp fix for the idle wheel problem. I had disassembled my organ to clean and redo the chord contacts and was going to remove the wheel and send it to the guy you recommended. Being and old reel to reel guy, I noticed the shaft that the wheel is on is really only anchored on one side . the other end floats. Over time that shaft slowly and slightly gets arced a tad. I used a soft sponge like material to shim (carefully and very lightly) it back towards the motor shaft. It runs amazingly well now. My wheel wasn’t awful. the shim has to be spongy and slight as to not tax the motor shaft.
    These things are just haunting and amazing. Great work with the site and your dedication to this charmer.

  2. Luke Says:

    Hi Pea. I have been out of the Optigan scene for awhile. I had actually not thought much about the Optigan and one night I spent a few hours catching up. New Discs! Wow. A dream come true. And what do you know the next day I was at a garage sale and someone was giving away a free mint Optigan with bench and a load of discs. I was back in business!

    Anyway, has there ever been any thought to making a “Mellotron” disc for the Optigan? Not sure if the Mellotron tapes are copyrighted or not, but there is nothing to match the haunting sounds of Mellotron strings. I noticed that you are offering a string disc but I have always wanted to play Mellotron sounds on the Optigan. Any chance?

    Luke Perry

  3. Fred Woff Says:

    I am also interested in some of these new discs. Radioactivox , strings, vibrascape and minimalism, noticely. Voice humana, Romantic Strings, Cathedral Organ, Majestic Pipe Organ.

    The ideal would have been orchestron sound loops to optigan discs !!! It’s my dream !

  4. michael lindner Says:

    another new owner of the optigan. yes, please make more disc’s. i only have one disc. yikes, i’m really in need of more…

  5. Dan Says:

    I’m adding my name to the list of those requesting reprints of your amazing Optigan discs

  6. Kyle Says:

    Another request for more runs of these discs PLEASE

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