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German Optigan Radio Show

Posted by peahix on 4th November 2008

Michael Junck has produced a German language radio show about the Optigan. It features lots of music he made (covers, mash-ups, etc) using time-stretched Optigan samples. Here’s a version of the Spice Girls “Wannabe” that he made. Maybe I should brush up on my German- I took four years of it in highschool but can [...]

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New Optigan Diagnostic Test Disc Samples

Posted by peahix on 1st November 2008

Hi all- Robert had a couple of Optigan diagnostic test discs made: These discs have various test tones, sweeps, etc on them, as well as some sound files taken directly from the “Rock & Rhythm” master tapes. They are identical except that one is at 8000dpi and the other is at 4000dpi. The 4000dpi discs [...]

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Were there ever any Optigan Promotional Demo Tapes?

Posted by peahix on 23rd April 2006

Yes, and you’re in luck because all of the known Optigan promotional audio material is now on a single CD, available for purchase from this website!! You can hear most of the contents of this CD in the video below.

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