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NEW Optigan disc – RADIOTAKTIVOX – Now taking pre-orders!

Posted by peahix on 15th November 2008

It’s the news you’ve been waiting for! We are now ready to release the first in a series of new, high quality Optigan discs. We’ve listened to your feedback and have produced a disc that contains the sounds most requested, and in the style that scored the highest in our survey. We call the disc [...]

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German Optigan Radio Show

Posted by peahix on 4th November 2008

Michael Junck has produced a German language radio show about the Optigan. It features lots of music he made (covers, mash-ups, etc) using time-stretched Optigan samples. Here’s a version of the Spice Girls “Wannabe” that he made. Maybe I should brush up on my German- I took four years of it in highschool but can [...]

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The Kraftwerk Connection

Posted by peahix on 15th May 1999

A recent issue of Keyboard Magazine contained a letter to the editor which pointed out that the haunting vocal choir sounds on the early Kraftwerk albums Radioactivity and Trans-Europe Express did not emanate from a Mellotron but from a Vako Orchestron. I had never really thought about it much, but it instantly made sense to [...]

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