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The Optigan Master Reels

Posted by peahix on 23rd April 2006

An index of the contents of the Optigan master reels.

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Can I get copies of the Optigan Master Reels?

Posted by peahix on 23rd April 2006

At this time, I have not made the complete, unedited contents of the Optigan Master Reels available. You can, however, purchase a selection of loops culled from the reels here.

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Do the master tapes for the Optigan discs still exist?

Posted by peahix on 23rd April 2006

Yes and no. All of the original 8 and 16 track masters are gone, but fortunately Mike held on to the 1/4″ stereo mix-down masters. These are probably the most useful tapes to have anyway. I am the current legal owner of these tapes, and have copyrighted the material contained on them. All 40-odd hours [...]

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