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  • Optiganally Yours – Pea Hicks & Rob Crow make music with your favorite instrument
  • Lucas – an archaeolgical excavation into the realm of consumer recording technology
  • Fossil – a potluck band headed by Pea Hicks over the years
  • Digeridildo – raw armstrong bangkok campsite xylophone gray eastward airdrop check indefensible nazi sidereal shadbush calve fertile irma crayfish
  • Followers – Kenseth Thibideau: Bass… Gabriel Sundy: Baritone Sax, Guitar… Brent Asbury: Drums… Simeon Flick: Guitar… Pea Hicks: Keys…
  • Liquified Mummy – Longmont Potion Castle themed tribute
  • Tit Wrench – Hardcore recast as dance
  • 808 Mistake – a white boy hip-hop project by Pea Hicks & Rob Crow (aka Optiganally Yours)
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Hey Pea, I bought your first Optiganically Yours album on record, I was wondering if your second album was on record? The link you had on your website to purchase the first one on vinyl didnt work, but I found it on Ebay. How much does it cost to press vinyl? Were you involved in pressing the album I have in my hands? My friend’s band was into the idea.

Any new albums since the first two? I heard one song that was part of some soundtrack and I thought it should have been on either one of the albums why did you leave it off? was it done afterward? empire state i think the song was.

I was in San Diego a few weeks ago, I should have emailed you would have been cool to buy you lunch talk optigan® but it was last minute planning and i think you were gone end of august.

Any new optigan® records coming out? I liked the Wurlizer Electric piano one but is there a reason why you didnt choose to make the keyboard side just notes instead of a melody?

I listened to the record version of your first album was it a bad test pressing there are so many pops and crackles in the silence and through out the album. I know there is some from the optigan® but this is a different kind of popping… they selling a copy of the original on ebay or was this the same first pressing?

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