Apr. '82 Diet Stuff & When We Took Mom's Pinto!

“’82 Diet Stuff & When We Took Mom’s Pinto!”

Poor Music: An Interactive Guerilla Art Project

  • Artist: Pea Hicks, JFRE Coad, Jason Soares
  • Title: “’82 Diet Stuff & When We Took Mom’s Pinto!”
  • City: San Diego, CA
  • Number Of Copies Distributed: 8
  • Distribution Date: 03/23/2000

I had been trying to get my friend JFRE to make a Poor Music tape for awhile, but he kept flaking, so one day when we were out to lunch w/ Jason, we stopped at K-Mart to get candy and I bought a micro-cassette recorder on impulse because I never had one before. We proceeded to improvise a fairly surreal interchange between 3 pubescent metalers in 1982. Mostly we talk about candy, video games, metal bands, girls, etc.

We taped alot of it while driving around, so the idea became that we took my mom’s Pinto. Interspersed with the dialogue, there’s a sub-plot, so to speak, of me trying to keep a log of things I’ve eaten, presumably because I’m a fat kid on a diet of some sort. Well, of course, the stuff I end up listing off gets a bit absurd. Anyway, it’s a fun, weird tape… I tried various pitch-shifting algorithms to try to get us to sound younger, but everything I tried sounded too digital or obvious, so I just left our voices as-is.

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