Debra Side A
Debra Side B

“For Debra! Some rad songs we made!!”

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  • Artist: Pea Hicks/Fossil
  • Title: “For Debra! Some rad songs we made!!”
  • City: San Diego, CA
  • Number Of Copies Distributed: 6
  • Distribution Date: 12/21/1999

This is just some of the more excruciating of the old Fossil songs. These were all supposed to be funny/goofy. They were recorded in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I stole the name “Debra” from the song of the same title by Beck. It just seemed like a nice white-trash teenage
girl’s name. Basically I wanted to create the illusion of some teenage guys trying to impress some girl with some really awkwardly bad songs they wrote and recorded. I mean, that’s more or less what I did with these songs in high school anyway!! 😉 Please refer to the FOSSIL page, where you may or may not find more info about these songs!

Track listing:

    Side A:

  • Cuisinart
  • Girl In A Picture In My Wallet That I Don’t Know Very Well
  • Springtime
  • You Suck Like An Abalone
  • Watermelon
  • Killer Typewriter From The Planet Mongo
  • In Shadows Lurk Dead Guys
    Side B:

  • Planxtie Wormie
  • Fred O’Fred
  • Let’s Be Happy
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