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Hi, is there any plan to make this available to buy or will it be a one off? If so, any idea when it’ll come to marker? Is there a preorder/kickstarter in place?


Hi, we hope to be able to put it into production, but pricing/availability information is still a ways out. Keep checking back here for updates!

is there a switch you flip for optigan® and another for orchestron i thought the mapping was different? or do you need two different machines?

do you have a midi keyboard with the left hand buttons and the right hand keyboard? how do you flip switches for drum effects etc.

yes, there’s a switch that sets either optigan® or orchestron mode. one unit plays both. we’d like to develop a custom keyboard to go with the unit, but that’s an expensive process and will have to wait for a later date. right now it’s just simple midi control.

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