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Great so the 10 people on the planet with an Orchestron are happy what about your optigan® people Pea, you turned your back on us?

Can we get the tremolo guitar and piano and other 3 discs for Optigan?

hi tony, the guitar and piano sounds were originally developed for the optigan®, it just takes longer to make optigan® discs, so they’ll be available sometime within the next month.

also, historically our orchestron discs have sold out much faster than our optigan® discs, so like any business we have to listen to what the market tells us. rest assured there are more optigan® discs on the horizon.


Phew… I cant wait to get my hands on some new optigan® discs!

Hello Pea,

a while back, I surfed across your webpage trying to find out more about how those obscure musical instruments look like that I only know from CDs and was totally amazed by the story you told of how you got into discovering the optigan® and into becoming its inofficial new musical director.
When I returned today, I didn’t find that story again because the webpage has changed, but I totally feel that this story of yours would be a great read as a book. You really should consider writing a book about your journey into all things optigan®, especially on how you found out about and met all those people who worked for Optigan® in the first place.
Thanks for considering.


Btw. that very helpful discography of albums on which an optigan® can be heard is unfortunately gone from the website, too.

hi! sorry for the late respons on this, but thanks for your compliments!! you’ll find that all the items you mentioned are still on the site- they’ve just been reorganized a bit. the article you mentioned is here and the discography is here.


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