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Estimation of Talentmakers actually produced?

very hard to say. roy chilton passed away before i had a chance to interview him. i interviewed his brother, but he had very little information. the extreme rarity of the talentmaker suggests that a maximum of maybe 50 might be a good guesstimate.

yeah but if you put one of these records into an optigan® does it work properly or is it all F’ed up like the Orchestron discs in an optigan? Do we have to bid against you pea for them?

Here’s an excerpt from an email I sent to Pea in November when we were exploring making copies of Talentmaker discs:

I did some measurements on the Talentmaker discs, and the only thing they have in common with the Optigan® discs is the outside diameter of the disc and that the disc is made from the same type of film stock.

Comparing the Talentmakers disc to the Optigan® spec:
1. The center hole is 0.2380″ (same as a size “B” twist drill). The Optigan® center hole is 0.250″
2. The number of tracks = 60. Optigan® has 57.
3. The position of the tracks fall exactly between the position of the Optigan® tracks.

So Chilton appears to have intended to make the Talentmaker disc incompatible with Optigans. Even if the center hole was the same, it still wouldn’t play right (max crosstalk on every note).

Phew! Thank god I didnt waste my money buying the records then!!!

Heh, 405 bones for a single Talentmaker disc.

The seller also has the Talentmaker Machine for sale along with the remainder of the talentmaker disc collection and a orchestron w/ discs for sale.

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