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there is a sound for every key flats/sharps major & minor

A Shure Beta 57 on the right speaker, a Shure Beta 58 on the left, and a condenser mic for room sound, running Garageband, is what I use with my Optigan. Color me a purist.

G-Force has found a way to tap into both existing & new customers who cannot find an actual Optigan® w/ this application to boost sales of their recording software.

right, but keep in mind that they did this by digitally pitch-shifting the standard optigan® chords.

At least the sh*t is in tune with g-force. Less of a headache, than trying to do that with the real deal using the tempo knob to fine tune…

Still waiting for Pea & Korg to come up with the Digital Optigan!

Cool comment about Pea on the G-Force site.

“More info on the original Optigan® can be found at Pea Hick’s excellent website
Pea is undoubtedly the world’s foremost authority on the Optigan® and has probably forgotten more than we’ll ever know about the instrument and its history.”

There’s also a funny story about Tom Waits and the Optigan® on the Inside Info section.

yeah, years ago dave from g-force and i had a conversation about doing a virtual optigan®, but nothing came of it. also, i remember tchad blake telling me that same story about tom waits and optigan®, but i’d totally forgotten it!

pea why dont you approach korg. they made the new korg sv-1 where they took vintage sounds like the wulitzer electric piano, fender rhodes, farfisa, vox continental and put it into one machine without worries of trademark infringments.

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