Michael Penn

  • Album: Free for All
  • Songs: ?
  • Label/Cat#:
  • Optigan® discs used: ?

  • Album: Resigned
  • Songs: Like Egypt Was, All That That Implies
  • Label/Cat#: Epic/67710
  • Optigan® discs used: ?

The Pendulum Floors

  • Album: A KICKING GOOD TIME WITH the Pendulum Floors
  • Songs: ?
  • Label/Cat#: ?
  • Optigan® discs used: ?


  • Album: Frequencies Of The Beast
  • Songs: Clothespin Cha Cha, Creature Double Feature, Martian Girlfriend, Greetings Earth, The Ticking, Beyond The Moon
  • Label/Cat#: Tray Full Of Lab Mice / ???
  • Optigan® discs used: Cha Cha Cha, Pop Piano Plus Guitar, Country Waltz, Gospel Rock, Waltz Time, Romantic Strings in 3/4 Time

Rocket Park

  • Album: Teenage Folklore
  • Songs: A Celebrated Villain In Heaven, You Leave Everything Behind
  • Label/Cat#: Rooster Lollipop (subliminal banana) / ROLO-106
  • Optigan® discs used: Bossa Nova Style, Polynesian Village

  • Album: Ghosts, Villains, Sirens and Superstars: The Alternate Teenage Folklore (1995-2003)
  • Songs: Letter From A Ghost, Running Through The Night
  • Optigan® discs used: Rollin’ Easy

Joey Sehee

  • Album: The Wonderful World Of Joey 7″
  • Songs: Blastoff!
  • Label/Cat#: Sympathy For The Record Industry / SFTRI 386
  • Optigan® discs used: Movin’

Jill Sobule

  • Album: Happy Town
  • Songs: Happy Town, When My Ship Comes In
  • Label/Cat#: Lava Records / 82991
  • Optigan® discs used: ?


  • Album: Contacto Espacial Con El Tercer Sexo
  • Songs: The Dream Machines
  • Label/Cat#: Nickelbag Records / Nb 0001
  • Optigan® discs used: Latin Fever

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282

  • Album: Strangers From the Universe
  • Songs: ?
  • Label/Cat#: Matador / 109
  • Optigan® discs used: ?


  • Album: Gentle Creatures
  • Songs: ?
  • Label/Cat#: 4AD
  • Optigan® discs used: ?


  • Album: Just Kidding
  • Songs: ?
  • Label/Cat#: C/Z Records / 054
  • Optigan® discs used: ?

Twang Bang

  • Album: I’m Not Your Chimp
  • Songs: Nothing Quite As Wholesome As A Fish
  • Label/Cat#: Mom’s House Records
  • Optigan® discs used: Polynesian Village
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Hi, this is Brian Andrew Marek, formerly of Rocket Park (and a proud Optigan® owner). Just wanted to let you know I’ve put out some other albums since those days that feature some Optigan®, and they’re all available for free download at http://www.reverbnation.com/brianandrewmarek (you’ll find the cover art there too, natch). Here’s the songs I recall using Optigan®, though there may be others that have slipped my mind:

Rocket Park – Ghosts, Villains, Sirens and Superstars: The Alternate Teenage Folklore (1995-2003)
track 7, “Letter from a Ghost”, Rollin’ Easy (keyboard only)
track 13, “Running through the Night” (same version you listed above), Rollin’ Easy

Brian Andrew Marek – THEN! A Collection of Low Fidelity Recordings (1988-2005)
track 16, “Withered and Grey”, Bluegrass Banjo
track 21, “Next Big Thing”, Rollin’ Easy

Brian Andrew Marek – A Lion in the Sun (2005)
track 10, “Sleeping in the Sunshine”, Bluegrass Banjo

Hey Brian-

Thanks for the info!

I updated both the Rocket Park entry and added Brian Andrew Marek to the k-o page. I have an update in the works to make this section a wiki so folks can update it themselves. Pea or I will post when that functionality is ready.

Thanks! As it happens, I have yet another update, now that we’ve finally released our “great lost album” (you can find the album art and other info in the same place)…

Rocket Park – Up Against Goodbye (2002-2003)
track 2, “Spinning Around”, Blues Sweet & Low

You should add Sparklehorse. Mark Linkous uses Optigan® frequently. I’m positive he uses it on his album “It’s a Wonderful Life”, on the song “Babies on the Sun” uses the Romantic Strings disk.

Linkous also uses Guitar in 3/4 Time on the title track “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

I’m just about to perform at a Sparklehorse tribute night and I concur with the above Optigan® discs, he also uses The Blues Sweet and Low on the title track to the amazing “Dark Night Of The Soul” (with David Lynch singing!) and other discs I have yet to own on “Everytime I’m with you” and “Grim Augury”.

hey zac, lemmeno if there’s any discs you need for this- i hadn’t heard about the concert, but would love to help out if i can.

Sparklehorse used Optigan® all over his album It’s A Wonderful Life (2001)

Them Crooked Vultures song “Interlude With Ludes” (2009) uses Bossa Nova Style (Cm).

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