70026 Majestic Pipe Organ

Just for a moment, imagine yourself in a grand, silent cathedral. Suddenly, the ground begins to rumble as the towering marble walls echo the wondrous thundering sound from the choir loft above. The Majestic Pipe Organ is filling the air- and YOU are playing it!

  • Working Title: “Pipe Organ”
  • Known Revisions: B
  • Rarity: UC
  • Musical Arrangements: Johnny Largo (improvised)
  • Primary Musicians: Pipe Organ: Johnny Largo
  • SFX Musicians: Tubular Bells: Mike LeDoux
  • Dates Cited: 10/21/71
  • Scale: Whitney Pipe Organ, all cathedral stops
  • Notes: The Whitney Pipe Organ, featured here, was probably one of the most recorded pipe organs in the world by virtue of the fact that it was built with a studio around it for recording purposes. Listen closely to the creepy pipe organ music the next time you take in Disney’s Haunted Mansion- that’s the Whitney!
  • Listen: [audio:http://www.optigan.com/sounds/optigan/majestic.mp3|titles=Majestic Pipe Organ]

70173 Sleigh Ride

The brisk winter air is fresh and clean, and the rooftops are covered with a glistening blanket of new fallen snow. Rosy-cheeked children bundled in mittens and scarves are laughing and playing in the streets, as tinkling bells and dancing lights fill the air with the joyous spirit of Christmas! And now, you can capture this wonderful holiday mood with the OPTIGAN® Sleigh Ride Music Program Disc. Twelve-string guitar, bass, drums, accordion, piano and sleigh bells provide the accompaniment for melodies on an organ keyboard.

  • Working Title: “Xmas Pop”
  • Known Revisions: A
  • Rarity: UC
  • Musical Arrangements:
  • Primary Musicians:
  • SFX Musicians:
  • Dates Cited:
  • Scale:
  • Notes:
  • Listen: [audio:http://www.optigan.com/sounds/optigan/sleigh.mp3|titles=Sleigh Ride]
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