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Hey Pea,

Can you post them as mp3 files or a zip file with them. I would love to burn them and listen to them in the car or on my ipod. Art was a good singer.

Wow, for a second there I thought number 15 “Lessons” was Morrissey.

I have found our Arlene Buckner:
Indeed this is the same woman who ran Lark Ellen, Inc., which dissolved in 1978:
But now we come to the bad news, friend. She died in 2005 at the age of 85:
It is 5 years too late now to interview dear Arlene. But her survivors would, I am sure, be happy to know that you are keeping her memory alive. Her widower’s firm, Buckner Chiropractic, still operates in Brookings, OR:

Arlene Fay Buckner
June 8, 1920 – September 8, 2005

awesome! thanks for the sleuthing!! i’ll have to check out all those links when i get a chance!!

“Christmas is a time for coming home” by Arlene Buckner. 45 rpm on the Lark Ellen record label

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