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I just got my idler wheel back from Terry. Quick turn around and I sent it on the shaft. Terry was able to remove it from the shaft resurface the wheel and put a metal collar on to hold the wheel back in place. I was a bit confused when I tried to reinstall but quickly realized he had put the wheel back on backwards. Flipped it around and popped the wheel and shaft back into place and what a glorious sound! Most solid optigan® pitch that I have ever experienced. Although I will say that to get it to proper pitch I need to go well above the middle area of the tuner dial. So i can’t slow it down below pitch as much as i could before. A little bit of a drag but I’m sure I will be using REAL optigan® much more now that it can hold a pitch for more than 15 seconds. Thanks Terry! And thanks Pea!


hi danny, thank robert for this tip! glad it’s working well!

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