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good song but don’t hear any optigan® anywhere. sounds like pure casio keyboard. maybe some legend of zelda 8 bit.

The reason you don’t hear any Optigan® is because there is no Optigan® on this album. However, all the keyboard sounds and drums on this song originate from the Optigan® master tapes. So, no Casio, no Zelda. Just original recordings made for the Optigan® in the early 70s, but never actually used on any Optigan® discs. In this particular song, the keyboard sounds were sampled from the tapes and used to play our original keyboard parts, but most of the other songs on the album feature the typical full band accompaniments that were recorded for the Optigan- though again, for the most part, we only used material that never made it to any Optigan® discs.

thank you pea, thank you rob. been a fan since i was 16 and now i am 28. its great to grow up with you guys, it means a lot given where your music sits inside

I get it, i was expecting 70s sounding humperdick type music by a band looping. cool song. surprised no one knows about Rob, i never hear any of his music on Alt radio or on SirusXM

Rob has 43k twitter followers, so i’d say a few people have heard of him. His more well-known band is Pinback.

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