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Most righteous. Deadline?

I suppose I should put one in the post…

Hey Pea, any particular file format?

no, i can work with pretty much anything.

Wow – this is a really great idea. BTW – I just got an Optigan® in December and your site has been a fantastic resource – my hat is off to you, good sir!

fantastic idea Pea! prepare to wade through gallons of audio soup.

Maybe it’s especially interesting to use tones of monophonic (analogue) synthesizers, and organs (like the Solovox, Clavioline, Maestrovox…), since this way they can be used polyphonicly.

Really, REALLY excited about this. Expect a bunch of stuff over the coming months!

Hey Pea, can I send you my submissions via an online file hosting service like Mediafire? I want to put them in an RAR file.

sure, you can get them to me anyway you like!

Fantastic! I’ll get them to you by this coming Friday!

And they’re in! Hope you find one to use! Let me understand the concept: every key will have a different loop – as opposed to a typical disc which has rhythm loops on the ‘chord’ buttons and a single melodic tone on the manual?

Deadline arrived! When is the disc coming out? Did you get submissions? Looking forward to the Sci-Fi or should i say Sci-Lo disc 🙂

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