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Hello Peahix its me John also heybulldog98 on youtube. I cannot wait for the IPad Optigan® to come out! I cant wait to download it and enjoy the nice sounds of the optigan. but until that comes out I was Wondering how I could download these I do Not know how because im a begginer to downloading things. Thank you for all you do Pea, and thank you for introducing me to this amazing instrument!.

Hi, all you have to do is purchase whichever set you like via Shoptigan®, and you’ll be automatically sent a download link.

What happens if I used all of my downloads but I didn’t download the whole thing because my Internet was bad I don’t have the leads or prototypes or the talent maker I love the sounds I do have though but want the rest!! 🙂 and for anyone thinking about getting this GET IT!!!! You will never regret it

I just bought the oter set But I didnt get sent a download link for the optigan® archives vol 1 why is that i used a credit card do I have to use paypal?

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