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Did you hear the new commercial with the optigan® song in it? You are not getting a penny for the music in the commercial that you supposedly own the copyrights to????

check out the youtube video….

hi, yes i’m aware of that commercial. most likely it was done using the optigan® samples i sell here (played sloppily from a keyboard, and drowned in reverb). optigan® sounds have been used in lots and lots of commercials, on records, etc. the purchase price of my samples includes a license to use the samples in commercial projects. anyone playing the same sounds from their own real optigan® is also perfectly within their rights to do so.

When is your third album coming out? I want to buy it. I love your band. If i mail you the cover can you autograph it for the first two?

“oy in hi-fi” will be out… sometime… that’s all i can say! as for autographs, sure- send anything you like. email me privately for my address!

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