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hi pea,

very interesting.

although i have a hot rodded/circuit bent little yamaha drum machine that spits out a lot of these sounds and riffs.

i personally am attracted to the more retro sounds for the optigan.

as well as possibly some mellotron instrument emulations; strings, flutes, horns…

love the new sitar one.

all this coming from a native 67 year old northern cal musician/engineer/producer.

my use of the optigan® pretty much starts with the optigan® itself as it is pretty hard to time or tune to preexisting tracks.

like riding a bucking bronco never know which way it will turn; pitch wise and timing wise.

that’s why i love it.

it may be my own instrument but that’s how it performs… 🙂

thanks for carrying the optigan® torch…


michael lindner

Hi Pea

I would buy this. I have to be honest and say that this would be a “support” purchase, as I as well prefer “real” instruments on the keyboard. What about Hammond Novachord or Theremin sounds?


hi Pea,

i bought many new optigan® discs from you.
but this time, i’m not interested in this disc. to be honest, a bit boring for me.

Orchestron discs for the Optigan® please!
(i like very much the Orchestron string pack).


Hi there, not my kind of thing, sorry. I prefer retro sounds – loving the Wurlitzer disc!

Hi Pea,

Sorry – it’s a no from me I’m afraid. It sounds like lots of fun – and I’d love messing around with it – but I have to be careful where I spend money and, to echo comments above, what I’d really be able to make use of is more discs that have ‘real’ sounds on the actual keyboard (one of the downsides to me about the wonderful Optigan® is that most of the original discs all have organ sounds on the keys, which limits its use as a keyboard instrument – a shame as the tonal quality is so wonderful). That’s why I love your strings discs so much, and the surf guitar one. I would love a mellotron-esque flutes disc, and other orchestral sounds.

Good luck with it, though – I hope you get lots of takers!


when do you want the money? Now? Okay send me a paypal.

and I really want mellotron flute & strings retro-style!
watcher in the sky and early Crimson era

in short a prog rock disk

Thanks for your comments, everyone! Rest assured that we’ve got a disc featuring the Orchestron Flute sound in the works. There was a snag with the prototype we made, and subsequently we have to re-think what to do with the chord buttons, but the flute scale itself sounds great.

This would be very useful in a production environment. The Optigan® is very versatile – beyond what it was intended for.
For my wish list, I’d like to see some more unreleased Optigan® masters.

I would buy it like people bought John Lennon’s Two Virgins or George Harrison’s Electronic Sounds albums for the curiosity factor. But can’t guarantee I could make a useful musical song with it, I’m not Deadmouse5 or Skrillz.


I get alot of requests for mellotron sounds on the optigan/orchestron. Please note that I don’t own a mellotron to make my own recordings from, nor do I have a license to use any mellotron samples from any commercial libraries. The only apparently license-free mellotron samples I’ve seen on the web are of the most basic sounds (ie flute, strings, choir) that are too similar to sounds that already exist on the Optigan/Orchestron. If anyone reading this has a mellotron, or owns the rights to some mellotron samples that are sufficiently unique from sounds that already exist on the Optigan/Orchestron, and would like to discuss contributing your samples, please get in touch with me privately.

I’ll buy two as usual. put the link

What about a Heavy Metal / Glam Rock disc?

I’d buy it for 200 please sell me one!

Where can I buy one?

I would totally buy this if I had an Optigan. This makes me wish I did. It’s fantastic.

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