2020 Optigan® Disc – GAMELESQUE


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Please note: In the past, we’ve provided fully printed jackets with many of our discs. Due to changes in production which now allow us to keep a constant stock of our discs, we no longer are printing jackets for them. The discs come in white jackets with small labels affixed which show the original artwork and descriptive text. Thanks for your understanding!

This is a newly-created groove, inspired by the sounds and patterns of the gamelan, though it’s not actually a gamelan. We dug out our vintage 1980s 12-bit samplers in search of punchy balafons, marimbas, bells, gated drums, and other percussive sounds to create hypnotic interlocking patterns on the chord buttons. For example, try playing Bbmaj and Dmin together for a hocketed Bbmaj7 chord. This is the first Optigan® disc in 7/8 time, which you can play as-is, or you can get even more rhythmic variety by changing chords in 4/4 time, creating complex rhythmic cycles. The keyboard features intricate rhythmic patterns played on a layered sound created with several different exotic stringed instruments (santur and others), again culled from those old 12-bit sampler libraries.

Balafons, Marimbas, & Bells

Layered Exotic String Instruments

1 – Drums 1
2 – Drums 2
3 – Percussion 1
4 – Percussion 2
5 – Toms

Arranged, edited and mastered by Pea Hicks
Disc design and mastering by Robert Becker

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for these discs.