Optigan® Disc: SAMBA! w/ Marimba on Keyboard


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Please note: In the past, we’ve provided fully printed jackets with many of our discs. Due to changes in production which now allow us to keep a constant stock of our discs, we no longer are printing jackets for them. The discs come in white jackets with small labels affixed which show the original artwork and descriptive text. Thanks for your understanding!

From the depths of the Optigan® master tape archives comes this previously unreleased SAMBA jam, paired with a Marimba keyboard scale that similarly went unused back in the 70s. Though we have previously released the marimba sound for Orchestron, it’s making its first Optigan® appearance on this disc. Oddly enough, the Samba session did not include any percussion specials, so rather than using the more generic latin percussion found elsewhere in the master tape archive, we hunted down some nice public domain samba percussion loops which pair nicely with the vintage tapes. So get onboard those jets to Brazil!!

SFX Rockers: Samba Percussion
Chord Buttons: Samba!
Keys: Marimba

Audio edited & mastered by Pea Hicks
Disc design and mastering by Robert Becker

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for this disc.


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