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We hope to have this item in stock soon, but for the time being, please order this item direct from Quilter Labs’ Panoptigon site. Sorry for the hassle!

Please note: In the past, we’ve provided fully printed jackets with many of our discs. Due to changes in production which now allow us to keep a constant stock of our discs, we no longer are printing jackets for them. The discs come in white jackets with small labels affixed which show the original artwork and descriptive text. Thanks for your understanding!

Please note: This disc was originally only available in a multi-disc set, which has been discontinued. Currently you can only buy this title as a stand-alone single disc.

By popular demand, we’ve ported another Orchestron sound to the Optigan®, and have also dug into the Optigan® master tape archives for more previously unreleased material recorded 40+ years ago.

LATIN GUITAR & TRUMPET features the Orchestron TRUMPET scale, along with more previously unreleased guitar/drums/percussion accompaniments from the Optigan® master tapes. (Note: The A and E major chords on this disc are true A and E major chords, which means that the Bb, F, G, D, and E dim chords are NOT true dim chords. The C and A dim chords are the only true dim chords on this disc.)

This disc represents the open/simple sound of many of the original Optigan® disc titles- sounds that have become perennial favorites due to their wide applicability and haunting qualities.

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for these discs.