Optigan® Disc – MOD ROCK!


It’s a mod, mod world and you know you’re a mod rocker. Now you can prove it to your friends and family when you play the Optigan® Music Maker with the new Mod Rock program disc.

Press the buttons with a left finger. What is that you hear? Drums, organ, guitar, bass! Who would have believed it? And it’s you playing it! Wow! And wait till you see what you can do with your right hand!

You’ll enjoy the Mod Rock program disc even more when you use it to play the contemporary songs that you’ll find in the Optigan® Music books. Pick some up today!

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We hope to have this item in stock soon, but for the time being, please order this item direct from Quilter Labs’ Panoptigon site. Sorry for the hassle!

Please note: In the past, we’ve provided fully printed jackets with many of our discs. Due to changes in production which now allow us to keep a constant stock of our discs, we no longer are printing jackets for them. The discs come in white jackets with small labels affixed which show the original artwork and descriptive text. Thanks for your understanding!

MOD ROCK is the first in our series of Optigan® discs newly mastered from the original source tapes. There are many sessions on the tapes that were never made into Optigan® discs back in the 1970s. MOD ROCK was actually made into a prototype disc, but for some unknown reason it was never released. Two copies of the original prototype are known to exist.

This disc is not a simple “photocopy” of a prototype disc- it’s been completely remastered and recreated from scratch. The disc comes in a full-color jacket featuring artwork created by Mark Crafford especially for this disc.

The initial edition is limited to 25 copies. If there’s sufficient interest beyond this initial run, we’ll proceed with a second printing, but there’s no guarantee on this, so get your copy while you can!

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for this disc.