Optigan® Disc – RADIOAKTIVOX!


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We hope to have this item in stock soon, but for the time being, please order this item direct from Quilter Labs’ Panoptigon site. Sorry for the hassle!

Please note: In the past, we’ve provided fully printed jackets with many of our discs. Due to changes in production which now allow us to keep a constant stock of our discs, we no longer are printing jackets for them. The discs come in white jackets with small labels affixed which show the original artwork and descriptive text. Thanks for your understanding!

It’s the news you’ve been waiting for! Now available: the first in a series of new, high quality Optigan® discs. We’ve listened to your feedback and have produced a disc that contains the sounds most requested, and in the style that scored the highest in our survey. We call the disc Radioaktivox. Is in the style of a familiar German synthesizer band from the seventies. We used the much sought after Optigan/Orchestron choir sound for the keys- a sound made famous by said band. We used the original source material from the master tapes and have totally eliminated the clicks and pops at the loop seams.

The disc comes complete with a printed jacket.

This second limited run of Radioaktivox discs is limited to 15 copies. We may or may not make more in the future, depending on costs and demand, so if you want this disc, best plan is to get one now!

Thanks for your support! We are excited about releasing the first Optigan® disc in 34 years, and we hope that there will be many more.

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for this disc.