Orchestron Disc – VIBRAPHONE


A new release in our line of Vako Orchestron discs, VIBRAPHONE. It’s unlikely that there will be sufficient demand to do a second run of 25 of these discs, so your best bet is to buy as many of these as you need while you can! Any future additional copies will most likely be done as one-offs, which are twice as expensive to produce, and thus will cost twice as much.

VIBRAPHONE is an entirely NEW sound for the Orchestron. This sound, like our earlier PIANO disc, is not really intended to be played melodically. Each note is actually a simple rhythmic pattern, and when you play chords, these patterns interlock in complex ways to created a hypnotic effect. Great for getting Steve Reich style minimalist textures. This disc also works well played upside-down, as you can hear in the second part of the demo. Please excuse my awful playing here, which is just a quick noodle to demonstrate the sound!

SPECIAL THANKS to Mark Greenberg for playing an recording the vibraphone!

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We hope to have this item in stock soon, but for the time being, please order this item direct from Quilter Labs’ Panoptigon site. Sorry for the hassle!

Please note: If there is no “Add to Cart” button visible below, then this title is currently OUT OF STOCK. If you’re serious about buying a copy should we do another print run in the future, please send me email and indicate which disc(s) you’re interested in.

PLEASE NOTE: This disc WILL NOT play properly in an Optigan! They WILL play, but the sounds will NOT be mapped correctly to the keyboard- they will be mapped mostly haphazardly across the chord buttons. Please don’t order this disc expecting to easily use it in an Optigan. In the future we will be porting the Orchestron sounds to the Optigan- please be patient! 🙂

Stay tuned for more Orchestron discs, both new and remastered titles!

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for this disc.