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Somehow I missed this one the first time.

I have the vox humana disc already and while the new one has better fades and high-quality… I would really love the vako strings. however, make this a long YES, i want one!

Sign me up!!! I love the space ship sound… Why dont you put up a pre-order thing have people pay and when you get enough you will have the money already. If only me and sean want it then you can work out a price for both of us. but i got a feeling more than the two of us want it.

Is this an Optigan® disc? What is on the disc?

I would definitely purchase a radioaktivox disc

I hope cello or strings are next

You know what else would be a great idea? If you made a Reason Refill of Optigan® samples, both in their scratchy glory and hi-fi master samples. The loops themselves would be in REX format while their corresponding accompaniment organ sounds would be NN19 or NN-XT instruments, as well as samples of Orchestron and Talentmaker. If you need to know more, check out here & here.

Yes, Sign me up for a copy. Cost?

I would be very interested in getting a copy of this disc, but any chance of a remastered reissue of the original vox humana disc?

Put up the pre-order for Radiovox, when you get the 10 or 20 you need you can ship it.

Borat vhant he should know how much cost this disc. If good price, he make buy for glorious nation.

Please let me know! I will preorder!

I’m in! Thank you

I’m also ok to pre-order one

ok, we may be near a tipping point of interest on this… if we decide to do another run of this disc, look for an announcement soon!

Missed it first time around … consider me interested, too.

Put up the pre-order form, serious people like myself will buy one or two. This way you have the cash to buy it.

hi all, ok the pre-order offer for Radioaktivox is now posted here. Please be sure to read the first bit of text, as it’s simply a matter of economics that we must have a minimum amount of pre-orders before we can go to press.



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