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Hi Pea, this is great news about the new Optigan® discs. I had no idea that you were working on this. I would love to pick up a couple of the new discs only if I still had my Optigan® 🙁

My question is how did you go about pressing the new discs and especially the part about getting the center hole precise? Remember we were trying to duplicate the original discs and everything was fine except getting the center hole punched out precisely.

A detailed description of the software and process that you used to do this would make good reading on your website. I still have a couple of those prototype discs that we did with the updated art work on the discs. Did you ever show those to anyone?

Luke P

hi luke! robert can best answer your queries, so i’ll leave it up to him how much he’d like to divulge about his process, above and beyond what he’s already written about here. suffice it to say that there’s plenty of “secret sauce” involved.

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