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Optigan® is proud to present our first 2-disc Style Pak release, STRINGS, offered at a 2-for-1 price! The two discs are individually titled CHAMBER STRINGS and SYMPHONIC STRINGS. This is a very utilitarian sound set for the Optigan®, featuring the “Violin” and “String Ensemble” keyboard sounds previously only available on the Orchestron, each with matching string pads on the chord buttons. There are no drums or other rhythmic effects- just lush, lo-fi stringy goodness.

A special note about the chords: for these discs, we’ve decided to put proper A and E major chords on their respective chord buttons, which in turn renders most of the diminished chord buttons incorrectly labeled. To compensate, we’ve put the A and E dim chords on the SFX 4 and 5 tabs. Also, SFX tabs 1-3 are Fsus4, Csus4 and Gsus4 respectively.

Music produced, edited, and mastered by Pea Hicks.

Disc creation software, disc production cover artwork and jacket layout by Robert Becker

Cover artwork by Robert Becker

LEFT HAND: String chords.

RIGHT HAND: Strings.

SPECIAL EFFECTS SWITCHES: 1. Fsus4, 2. Csus4, 3. Gsus4, 4. Adim, 5. Edim.

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for these discs.

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This is the disc that pushed me to hunt for an Optigan! Please make more!

I second skylers motion , just got my optigan® , strings would be nice as well as some Vox Humana please and thank you

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