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GLITCHEDELICA is an experimental rhythmic pattern generator. Forgoing the usual drums/chords/keys convention entirely, each button and key features a different loop, drawn from Pea Hicks’ personal archive of oddball instruments, electronics, and other sound sources. These can be combined and recombined in an infinite number of ways to produce a wide variety of disturbingly funky effects.

SFX Rockers: Glitchedelics
Chord Buttons: Glitchedelics
Keys: Glitchedelics

Arranged, produced, and/or mangled by Pea Hicks
(Some drum loops come from the Optigan® Master Tapes)
Disc design and mastering by Robert Becker

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for this disc.


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Please add all of these discs to the iOptigan. I will happily pay for another expansion pack – Jeff

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