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TRIPLE HEADER 2 is a new 3-disc set available at a special bundle price, packaged in a single jacket. By popular demand, we’ve ported three more Orchestron sounds to the Optigan®, and have also dug into the Optigan® master tape archives for more previously unreleased material recorded 40+ years ago.

CELLESTE features the Orchestron CELLO scale, along with a newly arranged and recorded accompaniment featuring Celeste and Glockenspiel in 3/4. These light sounds complement the low, warm tones of the cello nicely. (SFX tabs: Glockenspiel, C-G-D-A-E major chords)

FOLK GUITAR & FLUTE pairs the Orchestron FLUTE scale with an unreleased rolling guitar accompaniment and drums/percussion from the Optigan® master tapes.

LATIN GUITAR & TRUMPET features the Orchestron TRUMPET scale, along with more previously unreleased guitar/drums/percussion accompaniments from the Optigan® master tapes. (Note: The A and E major chords on this disc are true A and E major chords, which means that the Bb, F, G, D, and E dim chords are NOT true dim chords. The C and A dim chords are the only true dim chords on this disc.)

These three discs represent the open/simple sound of many of the original Optigan® disc titles- sounds that have become perennial favorites due to their wide applicability and haunting qualities.

Please read the blog post here for information about the licensing agreement and usage guidelines for these discs.

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Great news again!

Hey Peah, its been almost a year since you announced that a new Optiganally Yours album with rob crow will come out. Will it ever come out i know in June he said he’s quitting music to be a family man, was the album finished or will never be?

Hiya Pea!!

Do you have any more copies of this Triple Header 2? The website doesn’t say OUT OF STOCK but I can’t find anywhere to “Buy it now.”


From one of your biggest fans,

any plans to do another run of this set?

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