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What gives? I thought this is, enough with the orchestron. There are only 20 of them world wide and there are at least 100 of us optigan-philes in the USA alone. Make us more discs. Or release the same for the optigan. It feels like you have abandoned us for the Orchestron.

We get one disc per year while Orchestron gets 6 or 8….

Sorry if I sound harsh but waiting over a year for a new disc is like waiting for the Easter Bunny….

Dear Pea,
I would like to order these three new, remastered discs, but I’m wondering if you eventually will offer them later on again, for half the price, like you did with the discs Radioaktivox / Mod Rock / Minimalism. Can you already assure, and promise you will not make them available for less (than about $300) later on?

Pretty much the only scenario where I could see us doing another run of these discs and offering them at a lower price would be if we ever release a new hardware Optigan/Orchestron disc player, in which case we would likely offer our entire Orchestron library as a bundle. This is just speculation, though. Outside of that possibility, there’s very little chance we’ll be making any more of these discs as any price point, because there simply are too few Orchestron owners worldwide to create further demand.

Dear Pea,

Ok. Thanks.


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