Welcome to the world of the OPTIGAN® (NOT “Optigon,” “Optagon” or “Octagon!”)! In the early 70’s, Mattel devised this OPTIcal orGAN to play back the sounds of REAL instruments, encoded on celluloid discs like concentric rings of movie soundtrack. The result was pretty crappy sounding and soon forgotten by the world at large, but if this sounds to you like perfect fodder for an obsessive, almost fetishistic website, then you’re absolutely correct! If this is your first visit, we suggest that you read this article. Otherwise, feel free to browse our copious archives to your heart’s content – just click on the optigan® logo….

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Do you still make the chord organs? My mother had the discs but the organ broke.

I have one for sale

I have one for sale, with many original books some disks, cleaning wands and brochures. Powers up, speakers work and dusk rotates but no sound, i think the laser needs work South Bend/Notre Dame, IN area for pick up. $800 obo

I’ve recorded 6 albums with it, it’s like having an idea machine at your finger tips!

I still have an Orchestron I bought in the 70’s. A local store couldn’t sell it. Have several disks too. Easily got them reproduced at a graphic arts place.
Inside the case things look very hand made. Outside it’s kind of like Arps string Ensemble, the cheap fake wood look. Mines in very good condition.

Are you desiring to part with your orchestron?

I have one

Do you still have this Orcheston?

I have one

What’s the story with new discs?I want the new kraftwork inspired disc.let me know any info I went to the site and emailed but no response….

How do I sell my Optigan® organ?

How do I get a list of the values of books and disks?

I have an Optigan® for sale with 8 discs and 3 books (no bench). We bought early 70’s from Montgomery Wards in Bloomington, MN. I have photos but need to plug in to be sure it still works. Had water damage but still worked. No price point yet as I have to research. Message if interested. I do not pay for shipping. Prefer to sell local. All sales would be considered as is and final with no refunds-returns-exchanges. Thanks.

Hi there,

I recently got an Optigan® but the disks are in pretty bad shape. I’d like to purchase some disks from you but I have no idea which ones to get. I run a recording studio so haveing veriaty of useful disks would be great. Can you recommend some disks?

Curious if anyone on this thread still has one available for sale.

I do

A buddy of mine gave me an optigan® i want to sell it. Its original wood. Where would i sell it

Hi there! Might anyone know of any Optigans currently available for purchase in the southeast United States?

Hey. Got an optigan® in New York City. Disk not spinning. Anyone in the area an optigan® repair expert? (646) 221-8847

I have an optigan® organ in good condition for sell

Hey Mike. Where are you located? I’m in NYC. What are you asking for it?

Does anyone wsnt an optigan® for free? I am giving it to anyone who want to pick it up by my house. I live in buenos aires Argentina. Contactar me at pablenke@hotmail.com

If there was a physical, digital-based Optigan® I’d buy it. It should have the same buttons, switches and number of keys as the real thing with an added reverse button. Maybe cartridge-based with new sound sets created by producers like Danger Mouse, Dan Auerbach, Lady Gaga, etc.

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